you woke me up

No need for plans. He turns on the hot tap. Six days a week he walks to and from the same workplace. Everything is on automatic. Places the cup on the dish rack and glances at the clock on the oven.
Thoughts. Whatever they are. Were. Interrupted by the aurora tone on his tablet. He smiles because he knows. Knows who it will be. Certain in the knowledge of one. Assured.

You woke me up ;)))))

Hhhh how could I wake you when I’m hundreds of miles away? I didn’t text or email. We are ghosts.

;)))) it was definitely you.

Ah My ghost hand massaging feeling into your ice cold heart. Or my lips kissing your cigarette stained lips?

No. Ten minutes ago. You made coffee but didn’t share. I sat up in bed with expectation. Waited.
you woke me up
;))))) I drank the coffee imagining you were sleeping. x

Sing me back to sleep. )))))


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