Euphoria (her eyes of blue)


I should have looked but I didn’t. I was trying to be spontaneous. It lacks thinking. I had stood beside her at the bar. All I had to do was look down. I couldn’t. Soon she would be gone. I needed to look her in the face. To look into her eyes. Wanting to catch a glimpse of her soul. However fleeting that might have been.

Rivolux. Rivoli. St Paul. Line M1. The announcements onboard the trains include Japanese language. I never heard them. I was having a long conversation with you. You know how many conversations I have with you. Daily. Lots of times. I can’t quit.
Wind and rain blew hard yesterday. I still managed to ask you what shoes you wore that night in the bar as I swallowed down the gale choking on the cold water. Don’t think about it. It doesn’t matter. It’s just me. I should jump into the black lake and detox. But you are not the poison in my system.

It wasn’t until you lay in the bath that I noticed your eyes of blue. I’m euphoric around you. Possibly a little too intense for most people. I miss obvious details. I sit on that ornate chair. A pauper on the throne. A loyal subject. Waiting with towel to dry you. Singing I’ve got you Under My Skin in a growling raspy voice. Deep in the heart. Love is intrusive. I need your words, I need your imagination, I need your shoes. Trop belle pour moi. I’m just a lazzy bear with a head full of sawdust.


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