Can I be your lips (and the smile on your face)?

I made a few grammatical corrections. Embellished upon some details. Drank too much coffee and ate more cake than I should have done. I didn’t stop at the single banana and oatmeal muffin on offer at Whole Foods. Double up the muffin and add a flapjack and five ample sample cubes of apple and gingerbread. Possibly three double espresso and a large Americano. A caffeine rush as expansive as the LA Freeway.
When I email her the piece she replies to my mobile.
“You’re definitely my brain. My wordman. My mouth.”
I smile. That’s good enough for me. Nope.
“Can I be your lips?”
If got I one, an answer, I knew what it would be. I was thinking massive chocolate purchase and maye a triple shot ristretto when it arrived.
My smile turned to laughter. Ebullient, that rising feeling.image


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