She Knows She Knows

She knows
All the words
To the song
In my head

She knows
All the plans
For me
That lie ahead

She knows
She knows
She knows me so well

red bird. white bird. yellow bird. blue bird.

little bird on a branch.

sun burnt her skin as she floated on the pool. behind dark glasses eyes open, staring, to the clear blue sky. in a rosé haze. potato chip crumbs in her belly button.

if you were a bird what colour would you be. would you sit on a branch or want the safety of a cave? i meant cage.

Johnny finished preparing the 7mm plywood sheet, rubbing down between coats, with a final layer of dark grey undercoat. he couldn’t get the brand he wanted. his first choice. he accepted the limitations of living on an island.

Johnny took a crumpled photograph from the top pocket of his overalls. glanced at it. folded it. tore it in half. discarded it. just a memory. a piece of personal history.

if you were a wild cat what species would you be?

Johnny spat his chewing gum out on to the workshop floor. the little ball rolled short of the bird shit encrusted stepladders.

i know you would be a lazy cat. i would be a panther. i have this inner sense of you sometimes. you like speed. you would be a jaguar.



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