Al’s pal Jim


I’m in SwissLand. I’m looking for my buddy. Last time I saw him was in a bar in Paris, France. He knocked back a couple of vodka cocktails. He’s a shy kind of a guy. Didn’t say too much for quarter of an hour and then BANG!!! he issued a plethora of words faster than bullets from an AK 47. Shit, you know I can’t remember half the things he spoke about. But that’s Jim. He’s either zero Kmph or he’s attempting to break all the rules and regulations on speed. Don’t get me that started on the sex subject either. I’m still figuring out what he meant when he made claims that he was tri sexual. Hell, I sometimes think I’d try anything by myself. By myself. That’s the fucking problem. It is just that self sex stuff. Don’t get me wrong it’s functional, cheaper and less time consuming than with another. Or others if you follow Jim’s free associating mind stream. So I’m in Geneva, in an hotel and I had this fantasy of me and a chosen one having a bath in chocolate. But maybe not. It could get kinda messy and I’m worried about certain parts getting clogged up.


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