office hours

It was Monday morning. They were sitting in her office. The cat came into the room and jumped up onto the desk. She was holding a Sony Ericsson in her hand.
Things are getting smaller these days. Have you had this one a long time? Would you say you’ve had good usage out of it?
Her assistant seemed a little vague. He was looking at the chipped polish on her fingernails. She was otherwise impeccably turned out.
Oh yes, I’ve had it a while and had good service out of it, he mumbled as if on a distant planet.
Something on your mind?
He laughed, Its probably too early in the day but I had the taste of pizza in my mouth and was imagining a single black olive in the middle of it.
She unzipped her sports top, We need to get on with some work. No distractions.
He looked at her, Not even coffee?
No, she replied handing back his phone, Put that back in your pocket and concentrate.


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