No egrets rrr (a swan’s song)


Where u?


U must be somewhere. I ear you.

Dinner with parents.

I’m a pizza. (She sends a pic of a red circle drawn on her stomach and an olive in her navel). You want a slice of me?

What have you done today?

Shopping. I bought a new scarf. (She sends a pic of woollen tights wrapped around her neck).

Just shopping?

I got a new hat. (She sends a pic of her knickers on her head).

My dad likes that one hhh

I have Yoyo Kusama pantyhose. (She sends a pic of her bare legs with red lipstick spots).

Have you got measles?

I made new friends. (She sends a pic of hands in feet of tights talking to each other).

Footless and fancy free )))

Thinking of you. (She sends a pic of her hand clutching the neck of a bottle of champagne).

Queen of bubbles. (^_*) princess of trouble.

When I drink. You get drunk.

And when I get hornee???

Distance makes u self sufficient. Hhhhhh End of transmission.


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