different methods (brief notes)



Recently I was involved in a film project. Film is such a powerful medium to work in. Pulling together so many elements. But what if we separated sound from vision. In what way would that alter our perception of the completed work.

Sitting viewing the various stages of edit I considered that perhaps I should be experiencing the film in a different way. Not as a whole.

First I turned down the sound and viewed the work. Next I listened to the soundtrack without moving images. Then watched the film as it was intended by the film maker. Why should we glimpse or taste once and allow the experience be ephemeral? Our appetite is for exploration. View in as many ways possible.


2 thoughts on “different methods (brief notes)

  1. everything is ephemeral.. that instant way keep us running. And running. In circle and in all directions. we try to find again, something else that will push further. Words, paintings, photos, stupid stuff and lazzy cats…

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