that second cup of coffee


the coffee tasted good this morning, she says rolling over,
leaning on the edge of the bed
admiring her new Vivienne Westwood
red velvet dress crumpled on the floor.
he nods his head and continues to read to her.
the dress has become a cat hair magnet. that moulting white fluff ball
they call Mozzarella.
i thought the coffee tasted good too baby. dark and chocolatey. I know you nodded
and want another because I could feel the bed shake.
you mean you want another coffee honey?
he stops reading and looks at her. they have a conversation
of the eyes. he knows what she is going to say; i want one
but I can wait until you finish reading.
i guess you want me to make it baby?
she laughs and takes the book from his hands and leans her face into his
and kisses his bitter mouth. conversing with her eyes; sometimes
you have to wait a little while longer
for that
second cup of coffee.


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