Symmetry of Oblivion


Thum thum thum thum. In the night he wakes. Feels, hears the rushing of blood through his ear. Switches from sleeping on top of one bed and gets into the other. It feels cold and wakes him further. He lies there. Not remembering anything about his dreams. No awareness of being asleep for the past five hours. Hears the burn running below the first floor window. Maybe ten or so yards beyond the house. The flow of water rapid over rocks so many times the intrusive sound that has disturbed his sleep or broken his concentration. Thum thum thum. Perhaps he has high blood pressure. Is that what woke him up? Run river run blood flow. Heart pounding in his chest. Wondering about his friend who, a month ago, suffered a ruptured aorta. Who spent six teen hours in the operating theatre. How long does it take to recover from something like that? Amazing to have received two emails in recent days.
Now irritated he gets up and looks back from the doorway at the two single beds, at the metal frames, at the pillows. Is there an optimum temperature at which the brain functions?


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