as They (Pearls for Swine)


Portrait by TK Kim/McKerl

they assembled for dinner
they gathered around the long table
they sat in an alternating pattern of man, woman
they glanced at each other
they spoke in polite tones
they sipped champagne
they macerated oysters and swallowed
they clinked glasses and conversations grew in volume
they drank Pouilly Fuisse
they picked at lobsters and crabs

they were left alone
they were left in silence
they glanced towards each other
they held each other’s gaze
they clambered onto the table
they crawled on all fours towards each other
they swept aside flutes, goblets, plates and eating irons
they met
they stopped
they gazed
they sniffed each other
they snarled
they tore each other’s clothing
they growled
they sneered
they bit tender parts and broke the skin’s surface
they bled
they licked each other’s wounds
they closed in on each other
they tenderly undressed each other
they touched
they caressed
they, with diligent and able hands, engorged glands
they gorged upon stimulated tumescent erogenous zones
they consumed passion and sated for more
they kissed

they lay in each other arms
they slept
they dreamed
they perspired alcohol
they snored
they belched
they farted
they stank of hedonism
they half woke
they fucked
they whispered to each other
they returned to unconsciousness

in her sleep she said,
nature is cruel


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