Colour Sensitive (Amour en Saint Amour)

It was an instinctive act.
She said, Let’s get a room in an hotel in Saint Amour. I’ll drive. We can play that game you like. Spotting Norbert Dentressangle lorries.

Red lorry. Yellow lorry. Quickly repeat it.

He couldn’t drive. Couldn’t move his left arm very well. He had gone off the road. Written off the car. But was unscathed. Until he reached out for the soap in the shower that evening and found a lack of functionality and mobility in his limbs. Maybe a trapped nerve. He returned to the bedroom wrapped in a towel. Explained to Kiki there was something wrong. She smiled at him, Oh you are my one armed bandit.

Take the risks. Place the bet. Fuck the odds. Stacked against you.

What Kiki hadn’t told him; there was a wine and cheese festival being held in Saint Amour, that she had booked them into the hotel under the names, Kiki Époisses and Albert Camusbert. She could have called herself Brie or Comté. Comté being more appropriate for Jura region. But she wanted to remind him of his crude joke. The first time he went down on her and surfaced and kissed her and asked if his kiss tasted like Époisses . She had quickly replied only as much as you are like cream cheese or an old crotin.

Grilled goats cheese with red peppers sautéed in balsamic syrup slerved on toasted ciabatta. Just a thought.

Albert lay on the bed watching TV. Channel hopping. Nothing interested him. Kiki was painting her toenails a deep red.
Is that Vermillion?
It is what it says on the bottle.
Albert laughed. She had rubbed away the print.
Amid the smell of all that cheese today I began thinking about colour.
Oh but you told me in the big tent that cheese made you think of cow dung and flies. That it was only interesting served as raclette or rarebit.
I was thinking about cadmium yellow. Deep hue. Laid next to velvet purple. How colour sensitive are we? What is it about colour that affects us, turns us on?
It’s cadmium red. You like.
If I was wearing shoes. Say hi heels. Black with red soles. Would you like to take them off? Hold my ankles and kiss my feet.
Perhaps. He smiled.
Would you then tell me they tasted and smelt of cheese?
He laughed. Perhaps.


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