underwear advice (situation)

Although it was a short and beautiful train journey.
Through hills and close to an expanse of dark water.
She fell asleep. Trains induced sleep.
She dreamt of her grandmother.
Whom each time she visited gave the same advice.
In case of an accident always make sure you are wearing fresh underwear.
Change daily.
It was the conductor’s hand gently rocking her that aroused her
from dreams of underwater people.
His face rumpled and frowned and his voice issued apologetic words,
I am sorry but this ticket is invalid.
An excess charge invoked.
She rummaged through her handbag for her Amex.
Placing the now regulation spare pair of panties
along with her sun glasses and several lipsticks
on the table beside the paperback she carried but never read.
The conductor’s gaze fell upon the table.
She looked up at him. Set to offer her card for payment.
When she suddenly thought,
an underwear fetishist and placed
the card down on the black panties.
My card, she smiled.
Go fetch it boy.


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