Flashlight (his words revealed a darkness)


Why have you brought a torch
when you know I want
to explore darker terrain.
I suppose you have
a map and a compass
survival rations
in your burlap bag.

He shines
a beam of light
down her tanned legs
appearing pale
in the unforgiving harshness
of the white tube.
Centres it between
her feet
and with a motion
of the wrist
the artificial illumination
ascends to hem
of black lace dress
and upwards
to the pinched
emphasised bust
rising over throat
glaring into her face
makes translucent
her pretty eyes.

He laughs.
Do you want to stumble
blindly negotiating
a possible route
and risk unseen branches
ripping the fabric
of your fabulously relished couture
or face the perils
of thorns
that would draw your blood
to protect the wildest rose.
In the fairy tale
you are the victim.
Can you imagine
how weak and frail
you might become
in the struggle.
How helpless
you will be
on this overgrown path.
To find
this darker world
you secretly crave
we’ll follow
light into darkness
and upon our arrival
we’ll squeeze that button
that’ll ignite
fear driven sensuality.


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