once there was a road around and up through the mountains. but for those who did not own or have access to transport there were the goat and sheep tracks to follow.

she thinks that as a baby she was swathed in a blanket and strapped to her mother’s back. on the journey the woman would recite poetry to her infant as they made the arduous trek to granny’s in Northern Italy from their small town in France.

in 1974 they built a tunnel. it was to become the 9th longest road tunnel in the world. the work completed it was opened in 1980.

the other night she sat in her car. the tunnel ahead blocked. she fretted that granny would be waiting up for her. she hadn’t envisaged getting out of the car; she was wearing bikini bottoms a shirt and cross trainers.

the trainers were mauve with yellow laces and had been recommended by her personal fitness instructor. this person wore a blue shoe with white trimmings manufactured by a different brand.

in the passenger seat of the car was a teddy bear. not a present from the old woman she was about to visit but a treasured find in an autoroute services a couple of years back. she began collecting toys that tired or bad tempered children had left behind. recently she secured the find of a police car which she Blu tacked to the dashboard.

the police had stopped her a couple of nights back. she hadn’t been speeding which is what went through her mind initially. one officer approached the car whilst the other sat at the wheel of the police. she rolled the window down. the officer told her a tail light wasn’t in operation. that she should attend to it. he noticed the toy model car on the dashboard. said his father drove that kind of car when he was in service.

as she sat in her car in the blocked tunnel she texted to a friend. it was a strange relationship. they fed each other seeds. the seeds germinated in their imaginations. their conversations were often silly and stupid. they made each other laugh. right now she was texting about the guy in the Norbert Dentressangle lorry parked up alongside her. hhhhh this guy looks like ET. i should get him to pose for a pic. do that do it!!!!! i think he likes my legs. hhhhhh. who wouldnt baby. oh we know each other so well. hhihihh. 😆❤️😆 traffic is beginning to move. sometime later. ;))) sure.


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