red.dreams of. see. the sole.CL. see hell. obscurity is intrigue. don’t complicate.

i am poison. i was poisoned. i am intoxicated. pissed.

they were staying in an hotel in Paris. they were laughing and being silly about things. mini bar raiders. phone service abusers; hello bitch, are you there. can we have another three or four televisions for our room. we want to watch multiple screen porno. we are so hentai baby. then he says some dumb thing. show me red baby. she laughs, you wanker. room service; can i book into another room. i cant sleep with this woman because i snore really loudly and look shit in the morning.

he finds himself in Pantin. he bumps into some white guy in a grey suit with a computer case strapped across his body. the white guy was about to score some drugs from the two black dudes standing at the bike rack. connaise. shit he doesn’t speak French. he staggers on to the fountain in front of La Grande Halle two lovers sit on the edge sharing a spliff. he wants to climb in to the fountain. he wants someone to take a pic on his phone. film reference; La Dolce Vita.


he was in the hotel elevator. 2.08 Bonne nuit. he found the laundry cupboard. made a makeshift bed of towels. at 5am he sneaked back to the hotel room. her shoe collection scattered across the room like landmines waiting for a victim. sometimes he imagined her sleeping in heels or holding a pink pump like a safety blanket.
as he closed his eyes he could hear MARRS Pump up the Volume. now drowning, being taken down by the undertow of alcohol. a red lake with a rosé champagne dawn.

i poisoned myself. self indulgence. i’m laughing. she sits on the edge of the bed in cork wedges in her underwear. she is necking water from a red bottle of Badoit. you snore, you smell, you look rough, you want to be the Holy Drinker, she says laughing. i snore too, she says, but you are a bear in an avalanche.


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