to see

the light


the light

isn’t looking

into the abyss

but knowing


to touch

the flame

that never burns

blue blooded baby


13 thoughts on “Transfiguration

  1. …”so this brings me to a whole set of magic words that i would like you to write down and to keep forever as formulas: the magic words are all in the dictionary under the prefix trans which means change or movement – transforming, transposing, transcending, translucent, transfiguring, transmitting. All the words that have the prefix trans are words which lead us out of the present, away from the painful, paralyzed spot in our lives. (…) it is from artists that I learned to transmute.”

    (Anais Nin, The Artist as Magician in A Woman Speaks)

    …I went to that page immediately… not by number, but by the image of the text…tttttttttttt… (…smiling for you, dear Alan)

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