True reflections

Aren’t seen in a mirror

They come from within

Like most mornings they had breakfast in bed and had a cosy little chat. He would offer some aphorism which would make her laugh and she would tell him he was so full of bullshit and he would say baby what have I told you about shit in the bedroom. It doesn’t go with the bed linen.

This morning he’s sitting on the edge of the bath and she’s still a little angry because he removed the mirror three days ago.

You need to adjust your bra strap on the left. It’s twisted.
So are you.
I just like looking at your breasts. Harnessed or otherwise.
I can’t do my make up.

He picks up her brush and shapes
Her shock of bleached hair
Making adjustments with the palm of his hand
You should have been a hairdresser
I was once
You’ve been everything
It’s a long way back to nothing


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