Another departure lounge. Same destination. Usual array of travellers. Some have patience, others beginning to grit their teeth. Cafes, bars, food outlets are all busy busy.
Kumamon isn’t flying. He just likes to turn up at the airport and go amongst the people and feel the vibe.

Last night he dreamt that he had turned from a grizzly bear to a polar bear. A detail that he wanted to share with his lover. Fortunately she lives in Tokyo and didn’t face being woken up at 2.49am.

Now how does that work out? She lives in Japan and he is a European nomadic. Don’t they get hungry and horny for each other. Love rations. Love rationed. Love = Energy.

Whilst on equations she says; Be artist = Be stupid or rich

Bear has learned if you rummage too deeply you can get hurt. So sometimes he thinks it’s a good arrangement they have. A little distance allows breathing space. But his lover complains that she is skinny and needs his warmth. She needs that milk of human kindness that he quite often oozes.

In the autumn she’ll come to exhibit her work. She’ll ask him if bears need somewhere to hibernate.

The bear thinks about it for a while. Puts on his trainers and walks to the organic supermarket. A residue of club and party goers linger on the street. He wonders what raw fruit or veg a beer might have for breakfast.

Black angel don’t forget to bring the yukata.


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