Ark as Menagerie

xxxx x xxx x xxxx. give a woman. oh mignon.

walkies. he’s down on his hands and knees. on all fours trousers at his ankles. the other man in the scenario runs around shouting at strangers and passersby. neighbours glimpse from behind curtains and peer over neatly manicured hedges. Francis?

one woman stroked the long haired white cat whilst the other removed black nail polish from a pale hand. the acetone from the Cutex bottle felt cold on the skin. darling your tan is beginning to fade and the buttons on your blouse are hanging by a thread. her breasts compact like the rest of her frame.

you are so slow. you are too slow. the reply that didn’t come. she said you were too sweet. does that mean dumb and naive? then she called you Alana. she had tried other names; Alison, Alma, Alexandra, Aliyah. they didn’t seem to fit.

I’ve not been back to that bar since. sInce I never found out much about you. you gave me your number, your contact details. details that kept me at a distance. distance between the planets. planets light years away. away from me. me to you. you hold your hand to my throat. throat parched and lips arid, cracking. cracking eggs into a bowl to scramble. scramble the thoughts in my head and serve on toast with strips of crispy bacon. bacon.

you’re not much of a burglar, are you?

a term for suspension of external breathing. there is no movement of the muscles of inhalation and the volume of the lungs initially remains unchanged

can you describe who she is, what she is, where she is? do you you know why she is like this? you let her in to heart and mind, why? does any of it make sense?

walkies. oh mignon. it isn’t even 5am yet. the fridge hums too loudly. after three weeks the sofa bed becomes uncomfortable. he dreams of cat women and dog men sleeping in each other’s arms. animals defining the sexual nature of the beast. which creature are you? he asks himself. he doesn’t dare look in the mirror. he takes comfort in chocolate cake. the accompanying glass of plum sake an indulgence.

ark as menagerie…mΓ©nage a trios…you, me and her…you, me and him….permutations…distantly I smile…build my gallows high



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