Sometime in the night she felt his weight upon her. She was lying face down on her pillow. She threw an arm back and caught him in the ribs with her elbow.
“Fucking hell babe,” he exclaimed and lay down face to the wall.

It was late morning when he found her in the workshop. She was knocking things out of moulds and sprinkling them with talcum powder. She didn’t pay him attention.
“If I want anal I’ll ask or consent to it.”
“I was caned.”
“Ah it’s diminished responsibility.”

After showering he returned to her with coffee and donuts. His demeanour had changed. He was more sombre.
Her manner warmer towards him.
“I’ve been thinking. If you have to go off for a month. I need a little of you left behind.”
“How about a lock of hair?”
“I was thinking of making a cast of you.”
”A full size me. Wow!”
He laughed, “I love when you get pervy.”

As they sat watching television that night he became inquisitive.
“I was just wondering what material you’re going to use to cast me in.”
“What do you think?”
“Gold, bronze?”
“You think a lot of yourself. Metal would make it too hard and outrageously expensive. It needs to be a little flexible.”
“Oh baby you’re doing it again.”
“I think a latex composite. And you can choose the colour.”
“Purple. And glittery.”
He slipped an arm around her and pulled her close.

In the middle of the afternoon he arrived at the workshop with a bottle of champagne.
She was taken by surprise, “Bubbly?”
“Well, I leave tomorrow and we have the unveiling of the phallus. So a double celebration.”
“Strange, your curiosity. I thought you would kno
“Not the glam version of it.”
She broke open the cast and he looked on in mock amazement.
“I’m beautiful. Can I touch it? he asked.
She handed to him.
“Maybe one night when I’m away we can make out on the phone with our respective cocks.”
“Sounds like fun hunny.”
She laughed and opened the champagne. Abandoning the plastic cups in favour of just necking the golden froth the bottle.

Sometime in the night he screamed. Jumped out of bed and turned on the light. She was propped up on her pillow quite awake. He reached around to remove the purple glitter dildo from his anus.
“Oh its just a little of you in you,” she said as he looked across at her almost speechless but for some inarticulate mumblings, “Painful, isn’t it. Turn out the light before you get back into bed.”


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