the little surrogate

IMG_3370Every other Tuesday he took the afternoon off to have lunch with his wife. He had worked hard over the last six years since they married and at last could afford himself some breathing space and devote a little more time in a situation unfamiliar, being with her on a weekday.
Together they strolled, pushing a buggy, down Fulham Road to a restaurant where they felt comfortable. Liking both the menu and the staff. Finding themselves able to relax and enjoy themselves.
It wasn’t a first choice but the one theyˇ had returned to most often over the months since this new development in their lifestyle and the more they frequented the more accommodating it all seemed. An extension of family. Greeted, not by the manager, but Raul.
Please I want you to enjoy our food.
It wasn’t just the food that Jay enjoyed but the erotic photography that decorated the walls. Always in black and white, always dark and beautiful.
Leonie lifted and clutched the infant and with nimble fingered dexterity opened her white blouse. Latchingˇ the mouth onto her engorged nipple.
A waiter brought two sea breezes and Jay ordered for both of them. Put on spectacles and examined the picture above Leonie’s head. She smiled as if swimming in delight at what was happening at the end of her tit.
That’s got to be Claudia Koll, said Jay looking across the table.
How would you know?
She has a very distinctive bush.
Leonie laughed and lifted the tumbler to her mouth.
This has got to stop, Jay’s voice brought forth a certain gravity. Sometimes I think it’s gone a little too far.
They ate and left the restaurant heading in the direction of the park.
Jay wanted to see the Buddhist temple. Leonie just wanted to enjoy an autumnal walk in the park with her man.
After circling the pond twice, once clockwise and the other anti clockwise, they sat down a park bench. Jay stretched his arms across the back of it.
Shall we talk? said Jay
Leonie lifted the infant and latched it onto the opposite breast from in the restaurant.
In a moment. I’d like silence.
Jay became irritated.
It isn’t healthy.
What isn’t?
Getting off like this.
Suddenly Jay stood and snatched the infant from Leonie. Exposing her breast to an old woman dog walking. She covered herself instantly but did not have the speed to prevent Jay’s next actions. He brought the baby down on the edge of the bench with a stunning ferocity. The old woman screamed. Leonie launched herself at Jay. The baby’s head shattered. Broke into a mass of plastic shards. The old woman walked across and looked at Leonie, then Jay.
Jay knelt and picked up the remains of the head and found the battery dangling from the pump attached to the baby’s mouth.
Leonie was walking away. He didn’t want to pursue. He had brought a conclusion to it. He wasn’t happy but thought he had achieved some sort of realisation.

A bottle of rosé down and a plate of calamari Jay decided he had better go home and show face and attempt some sort of explanation and apology. It was after all he who had bought the baby doll on a business trip to Japan and was to apportion for more of the blame than Leonie.

The only light on in the flat was coming from the bathroom. Leonie was singing. Her tone happy. Closer, he could her the splashing over water.
He opened the door ajar and saw Leonie leaning over the bath. Cupping water over the head of another baby doll.
Jay picked up a towel and crossed the room.
Bathtime’s over little one. Mummy and daddy have to go to bed to make you a brother or sister.
Leonie smiled through her tears.


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