Out with Mom


Small things that change with age. Keiko wondered if her mum was becoming that bit closer to becoming her grandmother.

They ate at the same place they always ate at when they went out together on a shopping trip.

And here was a small change. Her mum used to always order a chicken dish but now she veered towards vegetarian. One particular ingredient seemed to dominate her choice. Cabbage.

It’s my way of punishing your dad.

Possibly thought Keiko. The beer wouldn’t help either.

So have you? It was the usual inevitable question her mum would ask.
Have i got a boyfriend, a lover? Mama. I’m a lesbian. I have a girlfriend.

Bamboo ringtone. It would be Dwayne. Where are you honey?
Out with mom. She texted.
Seconds later she received an image text of Dwayne’s dick. Hard dick. Thinking of you.
Everything ok? enquired her mum.
Yes, mom.
I’m eating asshole, she quickly responded to Dwayne.

Her mum was ordering a second beer when the next text arrived.
Eating asshole in front of your mom???
Fuck you dickhead!!!
Your girlfriend?
Yes, mom.

They were having dessert when the next image came. Keiko’s mum tended to avoid sweet things. Sugar temptations. But she had substituted fresh fruit salads in favour of tiramisu and creme brulee
Oh she loves you, quipped her mum.
Keiko opened the text to see an image of Dwayne’s erect dick dripping with ejaculate. The hand holding it wasn’t his. It was a hand decorated in ornate rings with pearlised pink fingernails embellished with tiny gold stars.
She looked at her mother who smiled back at her. Keiko looked at her mom’s hand holding the glass dish whilst the other scooped out what remained of her dessert.
Oh my god darling, looks like she doesn’t love you after all.

Keiko said very little on the way home. Grateful that within six stops she could part company from her mom.
I hope daddy doesn’t suffer too much from your new diet mama.
Her mum laughed.
It’s a man’s hand in the image, her mum announced matter of fact manner. You should always keep your phone with you at all times darling.



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