ootp #1

On the floor playing “patience” whilst Marianne falls asleep on the couch. Her face lying in line with a book that she’s been reading. Thinks to himself, I’ve read it before but it doesn’t hold very much value, of something that once did. Continues with the cards. One more hand then he’ll wake her slow and gently, and say that it’s time to go to bed. But Leon is determined to get the cards out. Looks over at the sleeper admiring. And again deals out another eight cards. Are they going bad? Said she fell asleep on the couch last night and didn’t wake until five. He glances at the watch lying on the table, it’s gone two. He wants to kiss her goodnight but she refuses him. A cold sore on her top lip.
All the dogs are out in the wild. Window frame rattles and the curtains sway. Cold on the back of the neck. Leon beside the warmth of the woman, and Marianne pushes her ass into the man. Screams from far off streets, and the dogs bark. Scared by the night and all the insecurity darkness brings about. Shouts from below. Presses closer. Those animals out there proving, muscle and cock. Strength to penetrate and tear and rip the dress, strips…


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