Love Dares You (My Shadow on Your Wall)

Collapse of intensity but not of love.
Day falls through shades of grey to stormy petrol blackness.
But love remains.
Blood fills his shoe from a wound too long untended.
The long offending splinter of wood she has wrapped in tissue in her handbag – one day she might have some use for it.
Our history/histoire.
You fill my albums and scrapbooks.
I scrawled your words on the wall of that empty apartment last winter.
Spend days listening to Satie. Avoiding the obvious pieces.
I see your shadow on my wall and see your body drift on the water’s surface of climates more favourable to here.
Currents. I should follow.
Follow you.
I should have stolen the wine from your bag as a memento.
Something of substance
To remind me of you.
Digital dream candy baby.


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