Woman Loves Me

Going to the mundane where the girl won’t go. J not K. So sorry where the fuck did K go? Woman loves me. I reach out my hands. We’re drinking in a bar beyond Boulevard Saint Germain. Bloody Mary and kissing you against the wall. Down on the Quai St Michel. I shall never forget you. No means yes I want everything. I know the fur keeps you warm. And still you send me home. Woman loves me. Push the black angel rabbit down on the bed. Onna ai. Bite my hand. Sitting on the RER amongst all these strangers. Onna ai. I’m walking away from the comfort of love and the intrigue of sex. Parisian morning drab and grey. I’m dying to push you down upon the mattress. Bodies pushing, colliding against, I want to, but you sent me home. Love is all I ever have and more remains a mystery to me. In the airport you have cake and hot chocolate with extra sugar. You are sickly sweetly contented. Onna ai. Raining, falling down, falling down, raining. So far away. Hand reaching out. Touch me. So far away. From here to Tokyo. So far. Away. Away. Cold tamagoyaki and the coffee is bitter. Ambivalence waiting. Shudder. Hesitating. Go home.


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