Matador D’amour…just one more faker

some admired the landscape but it was just an extension of his solitude. what had first appeared as a magnificent vista was now seen as a gateway into the void

new story. new history. the solitude was no invention. blind to what was evolving before him. suddenly he had no sense of direction. it seems when he lost that he also lost a sense of purpose. momentum discontinuous.
things appear. he begins to make choices that don’t need to be made. choices that are mere assumptions on his behalf. apparitions not whole or solid beings.

prejudice of vision. the discerning eye would recognise that it isn’t . butterfly, butterfly not, but Moth woman who passes the Matador D’amour on the stairs. her hesitation, feint, imperceptible, an episode so brief that it occurs within nano seconds

discouraging words, non. how long does it take to say…how long does it take the mechanism of the inner ear to relay a message to the brain….register…analogue to digital?

a new game. an invention of the mind, the imagination. an invitation. re-emergence. don’t accept the diluted solution. no fobbing, no fudging. look for substance. not thin stylistic representations that have no content. be discontent, be angry. react.


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