(For fuck sake) no one need know

An hotel bed
Off the Strip
Where she stripped off
And knelt
On the plain of white Irish linen
For what
seemed like hours.

For what?

Hours of mechanical reaming
during which
she craned her neck
arching her head back
moaning words of encouragement.
But she couldn’t see the iPhone
in the palm of his hand
recording their carnal endeavours
Nor did she anticipate
an interval of baseness
whilst he stood farting
out the gas of his falafel sandwich
and three beers hurriedly consumed
before they met up.

Then it was back to grinding
Until he broke down in tears
confessing to her
even although she knew
from a tattoo on his arm
that he had a girlfriend called…
What did it matter?
This was supposed to be functional
good and dirty fucking
without emotional baggage.

After the intermission
of counselling and nail polish retouching
of toenails.
She took him in her mouth
and worked his cock with her hand
and she took his hand
to imply suggestion
of a similar activity.
And then it was back to
business as usual
with expectations
of a grand finale.
But no, here comes
the bad news.
I’m on meds and have trouble
ejaculating unless I do it by myself.
And she sprang
from bed like a little gazelle
gathering her clothes
as she bounded towards
the bathroom.

No one on tumblr
could see her face.
They were just
another pair of anonymous lovers
posting a sexual encounter.

She wondered if he
or the tattoo’s namesake
would ever see the clip
shot through the chasm of bathroom door
and frame
of a figure stretched out on an hotel bed
with a pillow over his face
as he furiously masturbated
unaware of her passing
across the room
her own version of the encounter
which she got a workmate
to put up
on his My Asian GF page.
Also available for viewing on tumblr.


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